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Malpais/Santa Teresa Chiropractic Clinic

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chiropractic medicine costa ricaDr. Neill Wight
BSc MSc dc, Dra. Nina Sawczyn BSc MSc dc
Telephone (011-506) 2640-0085
Email: [email protected]

Location: Santa Teresa, north of the center of town, next to Tanogas.

I highly recommend Neill Wight’s services as a chiropractor. His knowledge and skill are excellent… better than any chiropractors I worked with in the United States. If you have back or neck pain and haven’t had chiropractic work done before, then please do yourself a favor and go to Neill. You’ll have nearly instant relief from most pain… no need for painkillers or just toughing it out for days waiting for your pain to go away by itself.

As far as I know, he’s the only chiropractor operating in the area, although there are many more in the central valley.

What is Chiropractic Medicine?

What is chiropractics?

Chiropractics is a branch of health care vocation that focuses mainly on disorders of the nervous system, the musculoskeletal system and the overall outcomes of the malfunctioning of these systems on the health of the patient. This branch of healthcare is an alternative healing techniques And not the mainstream medical procedures. It is not limited to but largely deals with neuro muscular disorders such as back ache, neck pain and/or joint pain.  Doctors of the chiropractic branch of healthcare are commonly referred to as chiropractors and are trained to practice a medicine-free, only hands-on technique to heal the neuro-muscular-skeletal disorder. They can examine patients, offer a diagnosis and cure for the condition. The treatment, in contrast to the drugs offered by regular physicians, emphasizes on therapeutic exercises, rehabilitative procedures, in addition to dietary plans, nutritional counseling and lifestyle changes.

The method of treatment employed by chiropractors involves therapeutically manipulating the spinal cord and other neuro muscular skeletal body systems to treat the disorder. Chiropractics involve a combination of treatment techniques, which is designed taking into consideration the unique needs of the patient. After a complete diagnosis, chiropractors design and implement a complete treatment management plan that can include but may not be limited to a series of therapeutic exercises such as yoga and several other non-invasive treatments such as nutritional guidance and dietary recommendations to complement the therapy. This form of care is most common in cases of lower back pain. It is often used to complete regular medical treatment for a faster and more effective treatment. This branch of treatment provides therapy for patients with chronic conditions. Neuromuscularskeletal systems of the body are manipulated to relieve the patient’s condition and boost his/her overall general well-being.

Chiropractics engage more integrated, holistic methods to tackle the nervous system disorders taking into consideration several factors including psychological and social. The aim is to gradually minimize the pain and disability by ensuring normal functioning of the neuromuscularskeletal system by employing several nerve manipulating techniques. These manipulation techniques are known to reduce pressure on the nerves, which in turn offers the patient relief from pain. Through accurate movements of the joint, thus helping the patient achieve correct posture. Spinal adjustment is done through a range of techniques. For instance, the chiropractor may utilize his/her fingers to generate pressure and stir the vertebrae beyond its normal scope of motion. Chiropractic treatment may also include a slight twist of the shoulders and hips.