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In the world, there are 5 areas called Blue Zone, where people are healthier and live the longest lives on earth. The gift of good health is what Anamaya hotel offers, and is located in the town of Montezuma. Its name is from Sanskrit which means good health. Once inside this luxurious place, which is also a yoga center, you will find peace and tranquility unrivaled by any other place in the area. Anamaya resort is a hotel that specializes in services for the physical, emotional and spiritual.

From the location of the hotel, you will see a stunning ocean view which is located in one of the most beautiful tropical town on earth. Likewise, they have a restaurant based on health benefits that empower their guests with vibrant energy. With a tasty menu from gourmet organic ingredients, the restaurant also offers specialties in vegetarian, vegan and gluten free.

Costa Rica YogaDaily Yoga classes are conducted on a deck overlooking the 270 degree ocean view, perhaps the best views you have seen. And to prolong the pleasure of relaxing more, after the classes can choose for cooling in the beautiful infinity pool.

If you’re looking for any specific physical level treatments, the spa offers healing sessions as Acupuncture, Blood Purification, Brain Tuning, Electromagnetic Pulsing, Ozonated Water and Other Detox Services.

It will surprises the number of workshops and activities scheduled each month in the hotel: Power From Women Awakening, Yoga, Zumba Yoga, Circus Fusion, Energy and Tantric Timeless Love, Fire Dancing and Yoga with Srikant from Cirque or Solei, Yin Yan Retreats, many options to choose from … All of these withdrawals made on site, led by renowned teachers of ayurveda, meditation, yoga and performer artists.

Luxury hotelSomething very special about this hip place is all the staff that makes up this hotel, are people whose seek and linked to the holistic health, health and true happiness sustainable-through nutrition, life coahing, other ways to enhancing the body energy level, the power of the smile, work and performing of the body.

At the end a spirits conglomeration whose pursuing the same goal, the development of the spirit through many states.


    • • Rooms and cottages build with non-toxic building materials, organic fabrics and local artisans
    • • From twin to King size beds
    • • Organic Cotton Sheets
    • • Fan and A / C
    • • WiFi
    • • Healthy Organic Raw, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Fresh Fish and Chicken Restaurant Meals
    • • Infinite pool
    • • Infrared Sauna
    • • Workshops, venues, classes
    • • Cleansing and Detox Treatments
    • • Yoga, Creative Art, Fire Dancing, Food and Other retreats
    • General information and booking for vacation adventure in Costa Rica

Contact Anamaya

Website: Anamaya Resort
Phone: (+506) 2642-1289

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