Montezuma Falls

Montezuma FallsOne of the most popular attractions of the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, Montezuma Falls is just one (well three actually) of the many waterfalls to be found in the region. Composed of three differing waterfalls this natural spectacle is one of the key reasons many people consider Nicoya the most beautiful area of Costa Rica. The geography of the Nicoya is apt to create these natural spectacles with the rugged jungle-covered heights sloping towards the Pacific, the rainwater creating a myriad of hidden falls and pools within the steamy jungle. They are especially prevalent during the rainy season, for obvious reasons.

What Makes Montezuma Falls Special?

Whilst many waterfalls in the vicinity of Santa Teresa and Malpais are transient, dependent upon seasonal rainfall to appear, the Montezuma Falls are a constant feature. Their primary virtue are the depths of its pools which makes them the only waterfalls in the region where one can safely cliff dive with the locals, this is possible at other sites too but it would depend on how much you value a functional spine! The central waterfall which falls from a height of 24 meters is especially breathtaking and due to its force also has the best pool for diving. This attribute has made a hike to the Montezuma Falls a must-do activity for visitors. Around this simple pleasure has grown up an entire cottage industry of good food, zipline tours and cheap alcoholic refreshment. In short the Montezuma Falls are not just waterfalls, they are a bundle of travel experiences.

Exactly How Wild Is The Region?

Whilst the comforts that go with any tourist area are readily appreciated, especially after a long hike or bus journey, the Southern Nicoya is still full of pristine wilderness to enjoy. Don’t go expecting a developed tourist town, there is no bank nearby and no post office either, it’s a nice place to escape to actually. Indeed, the zipline tours in the area are extremely popular for this exact reason, gliding through remote jungle canopy for a birds eye view of this area of outstanding natural beauty. Many conservation projects are twinned to the winding treetop courses, there is plenty to get involved in if you found yourself wanting to stay near the Montezuma Falls more longterm. During the hike to Montezuma Falls, which still remains the most popular method of arrival, you will have the opportunity to observe a number of rare species. The hike is relatively short at twenty minutes from the village but when combined with other local excursions you will get a good insight into how the local jungle biosphere functions.

What Will I Find Around The Waterfalls?

As already mentioned there are a number of canopy tours and zipline courses to enjoy in the vicinity. If one doesn’t fancy a hike you can actually zipline to the waterfalls from the village! Other attractions in the area include the Montezuma Butterfly Project, the famous Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve and a number of local Yoga communities. Depending on the time of year, you may also be able to attend the Costa Rican Film Festival which is held at the very end of May.

Don’t be lazy though, try the hike to Montezuma Falls, you’d be surprised at the diversity of flora and fauna you will see.