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Rancho Delicioso Volunteer Organic Farm

Are you looking for a job, business opportunity or volunteer position in the Malpais/Santa Teresa area?

There are few well-paying jobs, and if you’re a foreigner, then getting a work permit in Costa Rica is difficult. You will need to have a lawyer prove that your job cannot be filled by a Costa Rican. Some job types that I know have been able to get work visas are international chef and chiropractor. I also know people with other job types that have failed to be approved. These include: medical doctor, restaurant staff, realtor.

I’ve been told by the manager of a local hotel that foreigners can legally work up to 30 days per year. This is technically called “occasional” employment.

Even though you may not be able to legally work, you can still own a business, although technically, you’re not supposed to be working for it. In practice, many business owners live in the area on tourist visas and manage their hotel, restaurant, etc. But if you’re working a job, even in your own business, that could be filled by a Costa Rican, then legally you could have a problem if you’re caught.


Local business owners: please contact us and we’ll post your jobs here.


I’ll start by writing a list of what the area does NOT need. We don’t need more restaurants… there are already too many and most are having a difficult time staying open, even if their food is top quality. Food costs are high, and labor is very difficult to manage, and more expensive than you’d think once you include all the benefits. If you’re thinking about opening a restaurant, you should be very experienced, have a great on-road location, e prepared to lose money in the rainy season, and be prepared to deal with the dust in dry season. Many great restaurants have failed already. That being said, what is needed is a beachfront restaurant, if you can find a way to accomplish it, because two best two (Mar Azul and Piedra Mar) were recently torn down by the municipality because they were illegally built upon public land.


Anamaya: Anamaya Resort is looking for a work-trade person to do hand painting in various parts of the hotel. Live in the most beautiful hotel in the area, and eat for free too. Work 6 hrs per day on a variety of painting projects. This will include sign, wall details, murals, etc. Interested applicants should email: [email protected] and send samples of your past painting work. is looking for a partner interested in taking over the booking reservations for rental villa, hotels, car rentals, etc for top-ranked websites and Applicants must be very self motivated, internet-savvy, live in the areas, be able to work on and improve both websites, and work only on commission for the sales you generate. Contact: [email protected]

Rancho Delicioso: The area now has a voluneer center for organic farming and tropical greenbuilding. Check out more details here: Rancho Delicioso Organic Farm