Pacific Xtreme

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Pacific Xtreme

Pacifica Xtreme Surfcamp offers top quality surfing holidays in the Playa Santa Teresa region, Costa Rica. The Surf Camp is owned and run by experienced, knowledgeable and qualified surf instructors who love to teach surfing to surfers of all levels and surf objectives. They also offer guided surfing in addition to Quad surf tours around the Peninsula of Nicoya area. Guests are put up in earthy and comfortable open space studios surrounded by the tropical jungle of Costa Rica, a few steps away from the stunning white sand beach of Santa Teresa in a well-appointed residence complemented by a relaxing pool. Other than surfing, Pacifica Extreme camp offers to organize natural reserve trips, horse riding, canopy tour, fishing tour, spa services and more.


Pacific Xtreme’s accommodation comprises spacious, plush and elegantly appointed studios apartment located few steps from the white beach of Santa Teresa in a luxurious private residence featuring a swimming pool, solarium, bar, yoga space, spacious parking area and reception. Each apartment unit includes a large private terrace, a king size bed, sleeper sofa, ample closet space, air conditioning, wireless internet, equipped kitchen and a safety box.


Pacifica Xtreme is run by a team of knowledgeable, experienced and qualified local and international surfers. They have one of the best surf schools in town. The instructors want you to have the best possible experience out in the surf irrespective of your level of your level of learning and/or surfing objectives. All the teachers here are friendly, and make learning to surf an enjoyable and inspiring experience. They are passionate about surfing and want to spread the love of the sport to everyone interested. All Pacifica Xtreme’s instructors have superior training and meet all safety criteria. All are certified in first aid and CPR and Surf Coach awards. They have completely imbibed the surfing lifestyle and philosophy and at the same time are also qualified teachers. They intend to teach surfing by first building the surfer’s confidence by sharing with them the knowledge they require to feel safe and secure in the water. Next, they equip you with the basics of surfing so you know what you need to do when you get in the water and aren’t lost. Their powerful teaching techniques make it easy for one to learn and make surfing a doable proposition for anyone.

    Beginner level – The Beginner level is a 2 hour in gentle wave session. It offers warm up stretching techniques, surfing safety and etiquette, standing up, board positioning, small waves riding.

    Intermediate level class – This is 2 hour in gentle waves class that includes ocean knowledge surfing safety and etiquette, duck dives/angle drop-ins, front side turns and back side turns.

    Advanced level class – This is a 2 hour class in the lineup. The surf camp offers this class to experienced surfers who are looking to enhance their skill level by learning some of the most challenging surf techniques.

Contact Pacific Xtreme

Tel: (+506) 8836-5064