MontezumaMontezuma is famous for its breathtaking beauty and vibrant international culture and cuisine. Backpackers and celebrities looking for an exotic locale to avoid crowds have visited Montezuma and its beaches for years, making it a world famous destination for seasoned travelers “in the know” about the best places on earth to visit. Dozens of Italians have moved to Montezuma to open pizzerias and other restaurants, including the best restaurant in Costa Rica, “Playa de los Artistas”. Montezuma is very close to a large natural beach reserve, easy to walk to from town. There you will find tidepools, white sand beaches for swimming and surfing, and few people even on the busiest days.

This town is also known for its famous waterfall “Montezuma Falls”, which is shown on postcards sold all over the country. The waterfall has three large pools, and daredevils regularly jump into them from reat heights. The water flows all year, and its a quick walk from town to the first pool. See our section on waterfalls to read more.

Montezuma is the only tourist town in the area that really has a town center. It has a small village feel, and people often remark that they haven’t ever seen a place like it. It’s not like other towns in Costa Rica, and has somehow managed to develop its own culture that is very unique, without being overdeveloped. You will not find condos, casinos, or Burger King here. If you’re looking for that, head for Jaco or Tamarindo instead.

The local community here is a fascinating mix of cultures from all around the world, most of who believe in a no-fuss, eco friendly living and are passionate about the place and everything it offers. Montezuma epitomizes the spirit of a laid back, unruffled and simple lifestyle that hails the “Pura Vida” philosophy of true blue Costa Ricans. Here it’s all about respecting nature and living life to the fullest while also caring about the local community.

Visitors can pick from a variety of accommodation options in and around the Montezuma area including charming boutique hotels, swanky beach resorts or beachfront vacation villas for rent. The quaint fishing village turned glossy tourist town hosts a variety of activities including snorkeling, diving, fishing, horseback riding, surfing, quad bike riding, bird watching, night safari, canopy touring and more. You can go for long hikes along the coast, rainforests, rivers and waterfalls or simply enjoy the region’s spectacular biodiversity. Some of the must visit attractions in and around Montezuma are Playa Grande Beach, Tortuga Island, the famous Montezuma Waterfalls and the Cabo Blanco National Park.

For those looking for the ultimate relaxation or wellness programs in an idyllic tropical setting, Montezuma is one of the most popular destination for yoga retreats, learning sessions and yoga teacher training in the word.

If sports and adventure is not your thing, come sundown and you can head to Chico’s Bar in the heart of Montezuma. This popular open air bar complemented by a glitzy dance is juxtaposed between the street on one side and the sea on the other, making it the perfect destination for people watching and admiring the region’s oceanic beauty. For those who want to explore Montezuma’s hippie roots, the tiny farmer’s market held every Saturday morning is your best bet. Among food and local handicrafts, you can hear skilled musicians conducting a jam session here.