Playa Las Manchas Beach

Playa Las Manchas
Playa Las Manchas is a perfect little beach which is a fifteen minute walk south of Montezuma. This beach
is especially popular with Montezuma’s Italian community and you might think you’re at a Mediterranean beach.
When the waves are large and the tide is fairly high, a rip tide can form on the right side of the beach,
as water pours around the rocks. If you’re swimming here during this time and get stuck in this current,
simply swim twenty feet to your right to safety. It sounds easy, but people tend to panic.

Playa Las Manchas also has the best snorkeling spot in the entire area. Swim 100-200 meters to the right
from the beach and look for a long underwater canyon filled with fish. Over 30 species of tropical fish
have been spotted here, including rays, parrotfish, two types of puffer fish, needlefish, etc. And best of
all, there are often large schools of fish swimming all around you. When the waves are larger, this area
may seem scary to snorkel in, but we have found it to be safe and very exciting because of all the marine

Combined with the Playa Las Palmeras, Playa Las Manchas is one of twin rocky beaches, each half a mile in stretch just outside of Montezuma along the way to Cobano. The adjacent beaches are similar in look and lure more locals than the more famous parent beach Montezuma, making it the preferred destination for those looking to brush up their Spanish language skills. There is a tiny, unassuming hotel in the locality, so visitors are advised to bring along a cooler, drinking water and eatables. Las Manchas is believed to be the area’s best snorkeling destination. While the waves are not known to be very strong, sudden rip tides are not unusual here either.

From Cocolitos, a short walk around the rocky headlands where inviting tide pools offer a natural bathing experience from Montezuma brings visitors to Playa Las Manchas, a spectacular coral sand beach with crystal clear azure waters. The bay offers perfect swimming and snorkeling conditions but visitors are cautioned against have the powerful rip current towards the south of the bay. This is a nice option to consider if you are looking for a fun day out swimming and snorkeling with the family.

The Playa Las Machas beach is especially popular with Montezuma’s Italian community and you’d be forgiven for believing you’re stuck somewhere in the Mediterranean region. When the waves are big and the tide is relatively, water gushes around the rocks creating a spectacular sight. Visitors adventurous enough to swim 100-200 meters to the right from the beach will be rewarded with an underwater canyon filled with vividly hued fish. Over than 45 species of tropical fish have been identified in the area, including rays, parrotfish, needlefish and more. From, here visitors can go hiking up to the famous Montezuma waterfalls or the Cabo Blanco National Park.

Another fun thing about this beach is that right across the street is a small hotel and spiritual center,
and you can buy a cold drink, such as a Tropical or Imperial.