Playa Montezuma Beach

Playa Montezuma   
Since the 1970’s, Montezuma has been a world famous travel destination for people who want
to get away from it all and experience a perfect beach town.
Montezuma is famous throughout Costa Rica not only because so many celebrities and famous musicians have been sighted here over the years, but because the founders of Costa Rica’s national park system lived and were buried here.
There are two beaches in Montezuma. The one to the south, with
all the fishing boats, is at times polluted by sewage from the houses and businesses in the area, so although
many people do, swimming there isn’t recommended. You can buy fresh fish very cheaply on this beach, just
make sure it was caught from a boat, not the beach! The beach to the north, shown in this photo, is much
cleaner and the preferred beach for swimming. If you don’t like polluted beaches, stay at
Hotel Sano Banano, which as far as we know is the only hotel
in the area that has installed an above-ground sewage treatment system.

The Montezuma beach area is known to feature strong currents at times that are protected by bulky rocks and are excellent for a day out swimming with the family. The Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, organized tour from Montezuma Beach is quite popular with tourists in the area. In the heart of the town bicycles and kayaks are rented out to allow travelers to explore the region at their own pace. Horseback tours with scenic rides on the beach can also be arranged. Along with the Malpais, Santa Teresa, Manzanillo and other places this is one of the best surfing beaches in the Nicoya Peninsula. It features some of the most perfect surfing waves that are known to be big, strong and consistent. Panoramic vistas around the area also make it one of the most popular tourist hubs in the region. Zipline tours are also a much sought after adventure activity in the region. Visitors go along the the Montezuma river and halt by the waterfalls where they can take time off for swimming, clicking pictures and enjoying the picturesque scenery in general.

Snorkeling lovers can also make a trip to the Tortuga Island which is 90 minutes by boat. The beach at Isla Tortuga is known to be one of the most striking looking in the entire region. The Montezuma Beach area offers tons of options for activities around the region including snorkeling, diving at the Tortuga Island, sport fishing, jungle and beach hiking or riding a horse to the waterfalls, and canopy tours. Surfing in Montezuma, Santa Teresa, Mal Pais, Tambor, Manzanillo and Cabulla is also another popular activity here. Playa Grande is a well known nude beach and a superb surf spot located a few kilometers to the north of Montezuma beach. The Cabo Blanco National Park is a few minutes away from the beach and is famous for being the first National Park established in the country and features about 1,200 hectares of mixed forest land that is categorized as moist tropical rainforest. The region also features a rich and varied marine life including reef, humpback whales, turtles and other splendid oceanic creatures. Three beautiful waterfalls are located at just a 20-minute walk from the main Montezuma beach.

The nightlife is Montezuma is extremely exciting and fast paced, the most happening place is Chico’s Bar right in the center of Montezuma Beach town where a variety of music forms are played until well past sundown.