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Anamaya Surf & Yoga in Montezuma

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Montezuma Surf Camp in Costa Rica

Check out Anamaya’s “Soul Surfer” luxury surf camp in Montezuma Costa Rica. Anamaya offers the most beautiful view in Costa Rica, an infinity edge pool, gourmet healthy food (with vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free options available for those who want them.)

Surf Camp

Participants in this Costa Rica surf camp are taken to a variety of beaches throughout the southern Nicoya Peninsula, including Santa Teresa, Malpais, Cabuya, and Montezuma beaches, depending on the weather, surf conditions, tides, etc. The best surfing beach in Montezuma is “Playa Grande” which is a 20-minute walk from Montezuma. It’s a beautiful beach and jungle trail and you don’t have to carry your board since the surf boards are stored in a bodega on the beach. At Playa Grande you’ll find very few surfers, small to medium waves, no rocks, and no development… in short, pure paradise.

The Surf Resort

Anamaya has a variety of cabins, most with stunning panoramic ocean views, and all are amazing. The style is “Balinese/modern” and most find it exotic and thrilling, like living for a week within a magazine photoshoot. Surf enthusiasts staying at Anamaya typically post many photos on the Facebook profiles to make their friends and family jealous. Anamaya is fairly small… currently with only 9 rooms. It’s normally full however, with anywhere from 12-25 people, so class sizes are small. There are generally more employees and staff so there’s a lot of personal attention.

Other Activities besides Surfing

Yoga is the most popular activity at Anamaya besides surfing. Usually there are two classes per day, taught by a variety of local instructors. Many surfers like to practice yoga in addition to their surfing for its workout benefit and the stretching for flexibility. Also offered are Aerial silk classes, a variety of dance classes such as Salsa, Zumba, or whatever the flavor of the week is depending on what instructors are around in the Montezuma area. Outside excursions include trips to Tortuga Island, zip lines / canopy tours, and horseback riding on the beach or jungle.

Anamaya’s Website: Click This