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The Joy of Sportfishing in Malpais

Sportfishing Malpais

The deep blue Pacific waters are home to abundant marine life, and this is the reason why sportfishing in Malpais and Santa Teresa is one of the most pleasurable pastimes that anglers indulge. Some of the varieties you can catch here include mackerel, yellow-fin tuna, mahi-mahi, and Jack. This is not all when you move to deeper waters there are marlin, sailfish, and large wahoo. For adventurers this is a worthwhile endeavor with adrenaline pumping excitement. Local fishing boats conduct guided tours, which ensure that the catch is fine, and satisfaction maximum. Whether one is indulging in this sport for the very first time or is an experienced campaigner, there is something to savor and remember for times to come.

Some of the common fishes that one can catch in Pacific waters off Malpais and Santa Teresa include the following


    When you are sport fishing in this part of Costa Rica during December or May, one of the most common varieties that you can come across is the sailfish. Reeling this variety is the most exciting of all since this fish gives spectacular jumps and does everything to make life difficult for you at every turn. Successful sailfish catches naturally are highly satisfactory.


    Other names for mahi-mahi include Dorado and dolphin fish. Sport fishing loves this variety because of its antics and the indescribable beauty. When caught it gives off neon colors and fights for its freedom in exciting ways, which include tail walks and high jumps. You are not going to have a single boring moment with this variety.


    You can catch the yellow fin tuna and myriad other exciting varieties mostly during the rainy season when there are debris and floating logs present on the ocean surface. Big eye and skipjack are other varieties that one can come across.

How local guides and charter help?

It is almost impossible to know where the best catches are without the help of local fishing boats, which conduct tours to fish country for anglers. They provide transportation, relevant equipments, and even arrange drinks and snacks to make it an outing to remember. Guides who know the belt and have been catching marine fishes since childhood, are ever there to help you in your quest for the loveliest or biggest catch. Out there, you can view the beauty of the ocean from a close range of such trips. Watch seagulls and pelicans make splendorous dives during feeding time or spot a humpback whale jump in the air.

Sportfishing in Malpais and Santa Teresa is an exciting and worthwhile activity in every regard. However, this is not the only adventure activity you can indulge here. You can go on jungle treks in Nature Reserve in Cabo Blanco or take part in a wide variety of exciting activities, including horseback riding, scuba diving, ATV tours, snorkeling, and surfing. No wonder this is one of the hottest spots in Costa Rica where the travel industry in booming. So, lounge about in the sun or delve into the unfathomable depths of high seas with sport fishing, after all, leisure was never this good!