Geoffrey McCabe

The Palm Villa

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Palm Villa is housed on a 4 acre beach front directly overlooking the popular Playa Carmen surf spot. This surreal villa has 3 air conditioned bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. The contemporary kitchen is well-equipped (there’s a barbeque as well) and ready for your use. In addition to several other alluring features, the Palm villa offers you your own private swimming pool and a pool table.  Guests can keep themselves busy with the 100 plus odd films in the home cinema lounge with a movie projector. If holiday movies are not your thing, relax in the hammocks or the sofa facing the pool while watching Howler monkeys swing from the canopies of over 75 different fruit trees including coconut, mango, apple, papayas, banana, lime and almond within the property’s lush compound. The villa also offers a caretaker and daily housekeeping services.

The villa embodies most things that Costa Rica stands for. It is contemporary yet rustic and allows you to enjoy the area’s beaches and forests from close quarters. If you’re idea of a Costa Rican vacation is relishing your morning tea in a naturally breathtaking front yard to the backdrop of the hypnotic sound of the lapping waves, this is your place.

Features and Amenities

This is a no-fuss, rustic and comfortable home designed for tourists who are looking for a more back to nature experience minus the luxurious trimmings. This green paradise features a beautiful palm tree garden, some of the best surfing spots in the vicinity and a spectacular view of the ocean (sunset) from the deck. This earthy property is a two storied rustic country-side home made of teak, cenicero and almond wood.

Located in the midst of the region’s most popular beaches at the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, the property provides comfortable access to the town’s attractions and convenience facilities. You also have round the clock security and access to the swimming pool, restaurant, children’s playground, spa, beachfront lounge, surf lessons and quad rentals. There is a wooden door that opens straight into the beach and allows guests to soak in the beauty of the region’s famous tropical waters. Few things here are as attractive as being comfortably perched on the balcony and watching the sunset cast a warm glow on Costa Rica’s skies. The property’s palm garden and waves also make for a visually stunning view. The husband team Pia and Pini who run the place are extremely friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. They give top priority to the guests comfortable and will go out of their way to ensure you’ve had nothing short of a memorable experience. They’ll take care of bookings, rentals and tours upon request and will also whip up some grand local delicacies if that’s what you’re after. The Palm Villas has massive backyards where you can lie lazily on the hammocks. One of the best features of the rooms here is the bathroom, which has a lovely outdoor shower that is enclosed with palm trees.

The Palm Villa caters to everyone from couples, looking for an idyllic romantic holiday to a bunch of adventure freak friends looking to have a whale of a time surfing to families looking to simply relaxing at the beach or enjoying the region’s night life. This kid friendly place will also appeal to families with children since there is a playground and swimming pool within the property for the youngsters’ recreation. The beach is adjacent to the house, so they can continue playing all day, while the parents keep a watch from the deck. Tide pools on the beach are quite a rage with kids here. Most supermarkets, pharmacies, convenience stores and restaurants are in close vicinity of the property. If you want to surrounded by friendly locals, a charming small town life, gorgeous ocean views and unmatched hospitality, the Palm Villa scores well. Since the adjacent beach offers constant waves, this is one of the best spots for enthusiastic surfers.  The Palm Villa offers the perfect experience if you want to stay away from mainstream tourist spots and experience the quieter small town appeal of the region.

Attractions Nearby

Surfers don’t have to look any further. If you’re a surfer worth your boards, this is the place to be. It features undoubtedly the best beach break spot at a few minutes from your door. The waves are known to consistent. The most visually captivating sight is a sunset when the pro surfers all congregate at the beach and display a spectacular show within the backdrop of the tangerine sky. The place is also super for visitors looking to experience charm of a small town stay complete with local markets, friendly locals and a non-mainstream lifestyle. A supermarket, pharmacy and restaurants are all located within walking distance from The Palm Villa.