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The Sea Ranch

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The Sea Ranch is located right in the middle of Santa Teresa. Santa Teresa is a beach town on the south-western tip of Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, known for its perfect surfing waves, warm golden white sandy beaches and lush tropical forests. Bright, colorful and balmy, the town houses some of the most popular tourist attractions, bars and restaurants and friendly locals. Families and kids love lazing around and playing on the sandy beaches and wildlife here, while couples enjoy intimate moments in a naturally stimulated ambiance of tropical lushness. Santa Teresa offers several accommodation options. If you are vacationing or traveling in large groups and want to live together or require the privacy, personalized touch and comfort of a home, a rental villa is a good option. The Sea Ranch is one such elegant, classy and modern rental house where guests can have their own private parties, wedding ceremonies or even enjoy a simple yet comfortable and undisturbed vacation. It has all the comforts and amenities of a nice hotel minus all their chaos, lack of privacy and personalization. Accessible to most town attractions and conveniences, this property is ideal for families with kids and those that crave the region’s natural wilderness minus all the upscale trimmings of a highly pretentious vacation property.

Amenities and Features

The sea ranch beach front property is nestled bang in the middle part of Santa Teresa and popular for being one of best surf spots in the area. This contemporary 5 acre resort is covered with lush palm trees and an unmistakably tranquil aura. There are 4 casitas with 2 bedrooms and 1 large bathroom each. In each of these casitas, the larger bedroom as 1 queen sized bed and 1 single sized bed, while in the smaller room there is 1 single sized bed. The property also features a Rancho bedroom that has a bunk bed and 3 more queen sized beds. This bedroom has its own bathroom and toilet. The rancho bedroom doesn’t have air conditioning but has pleasant ventilation throughout the day. The spacious kitchen is fully equipped (cookware, refrigerator, stove and oven) and dinner sets for 20 (plates, glasses and cutlery). Other amenities and services include a daily cleaning service and a caretaker on the property. There is a safe in each room. Guests can also have a BBQ (for those much needed sunset gatherings with family and friends) and pool table party. You can relax at the positive aura exuding private yoga place or in the massage tent.

The beach-front house is sitting over five acres of palm trees laden grounds and beautifully looks over the horizons of the blue sea. The swaying palms attract quite a large number of tropical birds and other forests animals from the jungles in the vicinity. The ranch has total 4 casitas (bungalows) and a spacious, well-appointed rancho bedroom. Every casita has a couple of minimally adored yet classy bedrooms, an en suite bathroom and air-conditioned ambiance. The beds are comfortable and plush which ensures a wonderful, restful sleep. There is a rancho with its own large bedroom with a bunk-bed, three queen size beds and a separate bath. The rancho is non- air-conditioned, however, due to the open spaces and huge windows, it is cool and breezy all the while. There is a well equipped kitchen featuring basic appliances like a, a refrigerator, an oven, a stove and standard cookware. Guests have the convenience of whipping up quick meals whenever they want. The ranch has a pool table, yoga platform, spa tent, washer-dryer, room safes and daily maid services.

Nearby Attractions

The Sea Ranch is easily accessible to the star attraction beach here, which is known to have the best surf breaks. Guests can have a blast surfing the tides, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, deep water fishing and boating. For more unruffled activities, take a swim along the waves or simply walk along the shore to discover Costa Rica’s natural gems. For guests who would rather stay out of water, there is still a lot to take in. You can go quad or horse riding, play simple beach sports like volleyball or have an action-packed mountain biking and walking along the tropical forest trails adventure. The more explorative of the lot can also hike along the beach side and discover hidden coastal gems. The Sea Ranch’s concierge also organizes several tours on request including canopy tours, bird-watching tours, 4×4 (4WD) explorations, wildlife safari tours and nocturnal tours for the more intrepid visitors. Health and wellness treatments such as massages, beauty therapies and yoga can also be organized by the staff here upon request. Since the Beach Ranch is centrally located, most convenience stores, eateries, bars, and pharmacies are in close vicinity.

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