Geoffrey McCabe

The Wave Watcher

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Do you dream of having a vacation in place where you have a perfect view of large ocean waves as they slowly dissipate when they approach the shore?  Do you dream of the time you can relish a feeling of peacefulness as you feel the wind brush against your cheeks at midday and your hair tossed gently by the wind?

Dream no more for Wave Watcher will make your dream a reality.  Its name alone holds a great promise of a beautiful experience right outside its doors.  This modern,  cozy and  beautifully designed house is ideal for short retreats or for a much needed break from the noise and the fast pace of city living.  It is the perfect place for a romantic vacation with your loved one where wonderful moments can be sent enjoying the ocean’s beauty.

The Wave Watcher is right along Malpais Beach.  This 2 bedroom/2 bathroom house can comfortably fit in at least four people with two people occupying each room.  The house’s entire west side has sliding doors which give a perfect full view of the ocean from each of the two rooms.  The design is just perfect especially on days when you just want to snuggle in bed and lazily watch the waves crash onto the shore in the early morning or spend some moments in quiet thought in the afternoon outside the bedroom. The glass doors keep outdoor irritants outside while giving you a breathtaking view of the ocean

The master bedroom at Wave Watcher has a king size bed, ideal for honeymooners or couples.  In the guest room is a queen size bed for the other occupants.  The house is equipped with a portable air conditioning unit that can be moved from one room to the other for the occupants’ comfort during the warm season  Each of the rooms have bathrooms with  hot and cold showers  and decorative mosaic tiles which serve as an accent to the house’s minimalistic design.

Guests can enjoy bonding moments in the house’s cozy living room.  It also has a small kitchen counter equipped with a refrigerator to store food and cool water and other beverages.  The dining area is outside the foyer area making it perfect for intimate dinners and celebrations.  The foyer gives one a good view of the pool and the ocean.  You can also opt to go to the patio with its over sized reclining deck chairs where you can lie and relax as your eyes bathe in the wonderful view of the ocean just a few meters away.  There are also reclining beach chairs in the pool area where you can sunbathe during the day and stargaze at night.

The Wave Watcher remains true to its name for it gives you the wonderful experience of having a close view of the rushing ocean waves as they rise and fall and crash onto the shore. Wave Watcher not just gives you a magnificent view of the ocean waves but it also gives you a taste of paradise.  And you do not have to spend much for an unforgettable experience in Wave Watcher.  Their rates are affordable starting at US$ 2,000 per week during the months of September and October and US$ 2400 from January to August and US$ 3,500 during the holiday season.

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